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Dear Friends!  DIA is participating in "Love Utah Give Utah" an online donation event happening  on March 26th. We would like to ask you to take some time to read through DIA's profile on the Love Utah Give Utah website.  If you like what you read, we ask you to consider donating to our school.  All donations are needed and valuable, the minimum donation is $10.  Every donation gives DIA the chance to win matching grants and prizes.
Another way you can help is to share this link on your social media accounts. Together we have the ability to create a positive impact for both Love Utah give Utah and for DIA.

¡Queridos amigos! DIA está participando en  "Love Utah Give Utah" un programa de donaciones para eventos especiales para el 26 de marzo. Nos gustaría pedirles que tomarán unos momentos para leer el perfil de DIA en la página de Internet en  "Love Utah Give Utah." Si les agrada lo que leen al respecto, le pedimos que consideren hacer una donación a favor de nuestra escuela. Todas las donaciones son necesarias y valiosas. La donación mínima es de 10 dólares. Cada donación a favor de DIA nos da la oportunidad ganar becas y premios para igualar cada donación. Otra manera en que nos pueden ayudar es compartir el enlace en sus páginas personales de los medios sociales. Juntos tenemos la habilidad de tener un impacto positivo a favor de "Love Utah Give Utah" y DIA.
Last Updated: 10/23/2013
Per Utah law (53A1a-704(10)), DIA and all public schools are required to inform parents of students with individual education plans (IEPs) of the availability of a scholarship to attend a private school through the Carson Smith Scholarship Program.
Dual Immersion Academy parents and guardians have the right to request and receive information from the school regarding the qualifications of their student's teacher(s).