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Dual Immersion Academy
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Third Grade Teacher

Dual Immersion Academy seeks a Third Grade Teacher in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Duties (1) Attend trainings and professional development sponsored/promoted by the school; (2) Participate in school-wide activities, such as cultural events, holiday events, fundraisers; (3) Participate in professional meetings such as Team meetings, PLC meetings, Faculty meetings, IEP meetings, 504 meetings, and any other meetings as designated by administration; (4) Prepare 180-day plans, unit plans, and daily lesson plans according to the Utah state core/common core curriculum; (5) Coordinate with the grade-level team, other grade level teams, and school administration to maximize instructional and non-instructional opportunities for students; (6) Manage the classroom effectively by rewarding students for good behavior and holding students accountable for misbehavior; (7) Follow the mission of the school, including adherence to and implementation of the 90% Spanish10% English immersion model; (8) Engaging students in the learning objectives as outlined in the 180-day, unit, and daily lesson plans; (9) Assessing and grading students appropriately and effectively per the 180-day, unit, and daily lesson plans to both inform instruction and to hold student accountable; (10) Maintain active and open communication with the parents/guardians of the students by participating in school events, such as Back-to-School Nights and Parent/Teacher conferences, and by communicating via phone, email, and letter; and (11) such other related duties and responsibilities as assigned. 

Requirements: (1) Bachelor’s degree in Education or related field; (2) Hold or be eligible to obtain a valid Utah State Teaching License with elementary education endorsement; (3) Demonstrable working knowledge of: (a) the core curriculum established by the Utah State Office of Education; and (b) best practice pedagogy typically used in the United States; (4) Possess strong classroom management skills; and (5) possess native-level fluency in Spanish and English and strong oral and written abilities in both languages. 

 Send resumes to: Dual Immersion Academy, Attn: Michael Westover, 1155 South Glendale Drive, Salt Lake City, Utah  84104, or via email to

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Last Updated: 10/23/2013
Per Utah law (53A1a-704(10)), DIA and all public schools are required to inform parents of students with individual education plans (IEPs) of the availability of a scholarship to attend a private school through the Carson Smith Scholarship Program.
Dual Immersion Academy parents and guardians have the right to request and receive information from the school regarding the qualifications of their student's teacher(s).